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This oil additive reduces and / or prevents oil leaks from the motor.

Bardahl Oil Stop Leak has been developed to seal porous and leaky gaskets. In 99% of the cases, porous or leaky gaskets of all kinds of material are sealed with this oil leak stop. This oil additive is suitable for all common types of oil and systems such as: engine, gearbox, differential etc.

The 100ml package is very suitable for motorcycles, equipped with “wet clutch control”.

The problem

Replacing oil seals and gaskets is an expensive and time-consuming repair. A repair will ensure downtime of machine or vehicle.

The solution

Bardahl Oil Stop Leak is a simple, beneficial and practical alternative that restores gaskets. This oil additive allows old, dried gaskets to swell and brings them back to their original volume.

Moreover Bardahl Oil Stop Leak conditions the seals and bring elasticity back. The seal will swell again and stop or greatly reduce oil leakage.
Bardahl Oil Stop Leak does not contain solids and does not change properties and lubrication of the oil. This oil addition also works preventively with older machines and vehicles. Bardahl Oil Stop Leak avoids expensive repairs. Adding this product does not change the properties and lubrication of the oil.

Application areas

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Power steering
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Shock
  • Gearboxes
  • etc

The product is used in many sectors:

  • industry
  • transport
  • agricultural sector
  • offshore
  • automotive
  • motorcycles

Advantages / features:

  • conditions the seals.
  • Prevents and works curative against leaks.
  • Does not affect the lubricating properties of oil.

Oil capacity (liter)                  3         4         5          6          7

Minimal addition (ml)        30       40       50       60       70

Average addition (ml)         60       80       100     120     140

Maximum addition (mL)     90       120     150     180     210

  • Refnr 2701  Content 100 ml
  • Refnr 2751  Content 1 liter
  • Refnr 2755  Content 5 liter



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