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Bardahl Oil Stop Leak has been developed for sealing porous and leaky gaskets and seals. In 99% of cases, this is a powerful, simple solution. This oil additive is suitable for all common types of oil and systems such as: engine, gearbox, differential etc.

Bardahl Oil Stop Leak is a simple, economical and practical alternative that makes gaskets swell. In this way, gaskets can be returned to their original volume. In addition, Bardahl Oil Stop Leak conditions seals and brings back elasticity. The seal will swell again and oil leakage will be dealt with immediately.

  • Repaired gaskets
  • 2. Conditions seals and restores elasticity
  • 3. Works both preventively and curatively.


Pour the contents into the crankcase. See the product sheet for more information on the properties and dosages.

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