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Bardahl Full Metal can be used at the first oil change. Thanks to the 7 anti-wear properties, Bardahl Full Metal ensures a longer lifespan of your engine and enhanced performance. Bardahl Full Metal is our most advanced oil additive, developed to meet the high mechanical demands of new engines.

  • Made of polar organo metallic molecules, Bardahl Full Metal seals the micro imperfections caused by wear and this oil addition restores the fit of pistons in the cylinders.
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  • The protective Bardahl C60 FULLERENE POLAR + film provides immediate lubrication and thus protects the engine during a cold start..
  • Bardahl Full Metal contains carbon molecules with a 10x greater density and which is 6x lighter than steel. They act as microspheres between mechanical parts to reduce friction and wear of the engine.
  • This unique formula contains no solid particles that can clog up various engine components (EGR, particulate filter, valves etc.) or the oil filters.


Pour the contents into the crankcase when the engine is warm, after both the oil and the oil filter have been changed. One canister treats up to 6 liters of oil.

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