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Lithium-calcium grease

Bardahl OGW Grease is a lubricating grease based on a lithium-calcium soap with a highly refined viscous mineral oil mixture. Supplemented with special polymers and high-quality additives. This composition ensures that this grease is a stable and adhesive lubricant, even under heavy loads. This prevents metal-to-metal contact. In addition, Bardahl OGW Grease ensures less friction and wear.


This high-quality grease is designed to lubricate heavily loaded and slow-moving mechanisms. Very suitable for conditions such as wet and corrosive environments.


  • Good oxidation stability
  • High resistance to heavy loads
  • Very high anti-wear and friction reducing properties
  • Excellent anti-rust protection
  • Excellent water resistant properties

Technical data

Property Unit/                                Value

Colour                                                     Brown

Thickener (soap type)                          Li – Ca

Base oil nature                                       Refined mineral oil

Base oil viscosity                                   ISO 1000

NLGI class Grade                                  2

Penetration @ 25°C                              265-295

Penetration @ 25°C 105W                  +30

Drop point                                              Min. 180

4-ball test.Welding load kg                 Min. 550
Wear Scare diameter 1h/40kg mm   Max. 0.70

EMCOR Corrosion test                        Max. Grade 1

Flow pressure @ -20°C mbar             <1400

Oxidation stab., 100h/100°C bar       Max 0.35

Temperature range °C                          -20 to 120

Peak temperature °C                             130


Item number 73255     Contents 5 kg

Item number 73285     Contents 50 kg

Item number 73292     Contents 185 kg

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