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Poly S2 Grease

Poly-synthetic grease

Bardahl POLY S2 Grease is a new generation of poly-synthetic grease. This high-quality grease is formulated with a fully synthetic gel containing synthetic and paraffin base oils. This makes the grease with a very long lifespan, resistant to high temperatures and heavy loads.


  • Resistant to wear due to oxidation (ASTM D 3336). Tests show that Poly S2 lasts up to 5 times longer than a lithium-based grease.
  • Resistant to extreme loads (400 kg at 4 ball test).
  • Resistance to extreme loads, shocks, vibrations, etc.
  • Can be used from -30˚C to +170˚C.
  • Resistant to peaks of + 200°C.
  • Excellent resistance to water and aggressive chemicals.
  • Excellent for very fast rotations: up to 12,000 rpm.
  • Makes cold starts easier thanks to a liquid base oil.
  • Compatible with synthetic and natural gaskets.


Bardahl POLY S2 grease is especially recommended for lubricating:

  • All types of industrial bearings operating at medium speeds to high loads.
  • Bearings of electric motors and fans.
  • Industrial bearings at high temperatures (up to 180°C).

Technical data

Color                                                   Brown

NLGI Grade                                              2

Penetration 60 HITS at 30°C               265/295

Gelling agent at 40°C                            100 mm²/s

4 Ball test Welding Print                        ≥ 400 kg/ ≤0.5 (40kg/1H)

Pour point                                                 ≥ +220°C

Ndm Factor                                            500 000

LEASHING TEST (D3336)                    ≥ 2500 hours at 100°C and 10000T/mn

ANTI RUST Emcor test                         0

ASTM Test D 1264                                   ≤2.75%


Item number 31700   Contents 400 gr

Item number 31705   Capacity 50 kg

Item number 31706   Capacity 185 kg

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