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A special lubricant for the food industry with PTFE powder which has been NSF certified.

Bardahl Super TF Food Lub is a dry lubricant formulated from 100% synthetic base oils and PTFE powder for the food industry. NSF Reg. No. 142 907
Category Code: H1


    • Forms an extremely thin, colourless and dry film.
    • Has an excellent resistance to temperatures from -40°C to +230°C.
    • Offers powerful extreme pressure and antiwear properties.
    • Makes sliding easier.
    • Does not retain dust.
    • Offers a strengthened oxidation and corrosion.
    • Ensures a long-lasting lubrication.

BARDAHL Super TF Food Lub + PTFE is convenient:

    • to lubricate food industry mechanisms submitted to: extreme temperatures (Low: -40°C – High: +230°C) a dusty environment (flower, sugar, …)
    • for a clean lubrication
    • to lubricate new material mechanisms, plastic mechanisms


  • Technical data
  • Formulation Synthetic
  • Colour Colourless
  • Viscosity at 40°C 46 mm2/s
  • Flash point 270°C
  • 4 ball test  250 kgf
    Article number 32071  – Content 400ml

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