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To prepare your classic car for the winter, we have made a checklist to assist you. This will help you to keep your car in best condition when it is not in use during the winter. Come the spring you can then renew your passion!

  1. Clean the car with shampoo and use a lot of water to wash away all trace of shampoo. This will also remove all dirt, especially bird droppings which might remain on the vehicle and damage the paintwork. Dry the car completely and then drive the vehicle for a few miles so all trace of moisture is removed.Oldtimer in de winter

2. Do you want to protect the paint to the maximum, because this now a good time to wax the car, so that moisture has no chance stain or corrode the paint? Chrome parts are best treated with a good penetrating oil (like Bardahl Super Spray), to prevent corrosion. Finally, we always recommend lubricating the rubber seals of windows, doors and valves with silicone spray. (Bardahl Silicone Lube or Bardahl 100% Silicone). This prevents the rubber from drying out.

3. Keep the interior of the car completely clear of moisture and avoid musty smells. You can achieve this by keeping the windows of the vehicle slightly open to improve air circulation during the storage period.

4. Prevent condensation in the fuel tank. We advise you fill the tank to the maximum and add Bardahl Fuel Stabilizer to the fuel. Add fuel stabilizer before you fill up so both the fuel and the fuel tank of your classic care are protected for the duration. After treatment and before storage, drive the vehicle for about 20Kms so the additive circulates effectively through the fuel system and carburetor.

5. If the vehicle is going to be used for a period of time (eg in winter), and mains power is available, use a battery conditioner to maintain the battery charge level. Failure to do so will mean the battery looses it’s charge and shortens it’s life. PS. Do not attempt to start the vehicle with a battery conditioner connected to the mains supply.

6. We recommend that you increase the pressure of your tyres to about 3 bar, not forgetting the spare!!. This prevents damage to the tyre walls and prevents imbalance come the Spring.. The best advice is to raise your car off the ground on blocks. By doing this, the pressure on wheels, tyres and shaft bearings is removed.

7. Regarding lubricant, the best advice is to replace the oil at least once a year. If your classic car is to be garaged during the winter this is especially important prior to storage. In this way, the acid contamination present in the old motor oil does not get a chance to affect the engine. Please also do not forget to replace the oil filter. During this long period of storage it is recommended to turn the engine over by hand from time to time.

8. If your car is likely to be idle for extended periods, it is wise to unscrew the spark plugs, spray a little penetrating oil (Bardahl Super Spray) onto the threads and tighten them again. This prevents seizing of the plugs. By doing this you also lubricate the cylinder head and prevent oxidation which makes starting easier.