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Motor oil: ACEA A3/B3-10/A3/B4-08, API SL/CF, MB 229,1, VW 501.01 Level/505.00 Level

Bardahl XTC TURBO 20W50 motor oil has been developed for the lubrication of modern petrol and diesel engines with and without turbo-chargers. This oil is highly resistant to extremely high temperatures, such as occur in turbo-chargers. It prevents the formation of combustion residues on the turbo-bearings. It is designed to meet the most modern low emission diesel engines. Bardahl XTC 20W50 Motor oil is composed of high-grade solvent refined base oils with balanced additives. The purpose of the anti-wear and anti-oxidation additives is to lubricate and protect an engine under the most widely divergent circumstances. It provides outstanding protection and exceeds the performance requirements of all diesel and petrol engine manufacturers.

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