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A high quality blend of TBN / detergent additives, anti-oxidant, anti-wear, extreme pressure and dispersing additives. Diesel Crankcase Additive is formulated for use in all diesel engines. Diesel Crankcase Additive will not dilute additives already present in diesel motor oils.

Five percent Diesel Crankcase Additive will increase the TBN of an oil by 4 units. It will give an ordinary oil a TBN of 11, thus neutralizing rapid acid build-up due to high sulfur diesel fuel. This greatly reduces acid corrosion of metal engine parts and permits vastly increased drain intervals. Since filters are routinely replaced at the time of oil changes, the extension of drain intervals automatically reduces the number of filter changes. In addition to neutralize the acid caused by high sulfur fuels, reduces the potential for acid formed sludge and gums that tend to clog filters prematurely. Bardahl Diesel Crankcase Additive is rich in friction reduction ingredients that greatly impede the wear normally caused by heat and extreme pressure. Less wear means a longer useful life expensive equipment. Improves engine efficiency and basic fuel economy by as much as 3%. The powerful friction modifiers in Bardahl Diesel Crankcase Additive reduce a hydrodynamic oil’s resistance to motion (friction). Less friction means less energy needed to overcome it, and so Diesel Crankcase Additive permits consistent measurable fuel savings of as much as 3%. Directions for use: Just 5% (1:20 ratio) Bardahl Diesel Crankcase Additive to regular diesel crankcase oil will increase its TBN by 4 numbers. This gives ordinary crankcase oil a TBN of 11 points, which is a dramatic increase in its ability to neutralize acid buildup caused by high sulfur content in diesel fuel. This neutralizing of corrosive acids can extend the possible drain intervals by as much as 25% to 100%.

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