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A sealing compound which is used in the assembly of coaxial components such as bearings, drive shafts, pulleys and rotors. It increases the load of cylindrical joints. Assembly torques are minimal whatever the installation costs to a minimum.

Applications Bardahl Retainer R138 locks keys and splines. Eliminates backlash in worn assemblies. Locks bearing in place, preventing spin-out. Bonds rotor to shafts in fractional and sub fractional horsepower motors. Locks bushing and sleeves in housings and on to shafts. Augments press fits. Restores the fit to worn assemblies or out of tolerance parts. This high viscosity product is not recommended for extremely close of interference fits. For large gaps, use of a primer to ensure a fast, full cure is advisable. Directions: Where cure speed is long, acceptable bond times can be obtained by treating the parts with a primer. Heat may be required for disassembly. Ensure parts are clean, dry and free from oil and grease.

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