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Instead of Lead GOLD + octane booster

Lead substitute with octane booster. Add every refueling. 1 bottle for 80 liters of fuel

Has the same effective valve and valve seat protection features as the original INSTEAD of Lead, but with a very important difference: this additive contains a powerful octane booster. The problem: Valves and the upper cylinder area of many classic Cars require relatively high levels of lead in gasoline to prevent valve recession, upper cylinder wear and engine failure. Without lubricant protector, valve seats wear and recede into the cylinder head, resulting in loss of compression, power and fuel economy. Eventually the engine will fail to operate after the valves no longer seal effectively. Even in newer Cars designed to run on lead free fuel, under high stress conditions i.e. sustained motorway or high speed engine operation, use of unleaded fuel does not effectively lubricate valves and upper cylinders. The action: Bardahl Instead of Lead GOLD prevents direct metal-to-metal contact that would cause undue wear. This high temperature protector is continuously maintained when Instead of Lead is used. In low lead and no lead gasolines, use of this product prevents excessive wear to valve seats and in the upper cylinder area. To increase the octane rate this Instead of Lead also contains an Octane Booster. Depending on the quality of the gasoline, the octane number increased to five points.


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